• What to Do to Avoid Automatically Failing a Driving Test

    No one likes to envision themselves failing a driving test. Unfortunately, many drivers license applicants do in fact fail the driving test portion of the exam. Some people fail because of jitters or nerves, while others fail the test simply because of bad driving habits. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when taking your driving test.

    Failure to Come to a Complete Stop

    One of the fastest ways to automatically fail a driving test is failing to not come to a complete stop when you’re required to do so. If you’re approaching a stop sign or red light, make sure that you not only slow down, but come to a complete stop behind the stop line. Even if there is no one else approaching the intersection, never simply roll through a designated stop point. The same goes for running a red light.

    Improper Backing

    Many driving tests end before they ever begin. When you are ready to begin your driving test, you will be required to back out of the parking space. If you fail to adequately check mirrors, check for cars that are beside or behind you and fail to look over your shoulder before backing – the driving test examiner may simply tell you to stop and that the test is over. Always make sure that you check your surroundings very carefully before backing out to begin the driving test.

    Improper Lane Changes

    While taking your driving test, the examiner will probably ask you to change lanes one or more times. Whenever you’re required to perform a lane change, make sure that you turn on your signal light, check mirrors and look over your shoulder toward the lane you wish to turn in to. If you leave out one of the three steps, the test examiner will probably fail you.