• What Is an Intensive Driving Course

    Whether you’re a new driver, or a seasoned driver with many years experience behind the wheel, an intensive driving course can help you become a better and safer driver. There are various kinds of intensive driving courses designed to improve your ability to drive a car or handle a vehicle in certain situations.

    Types of Intensive Driving Courses

    Intensive driving courses vary in the type of driving instruction offered as well as the reasons for taking them. Some intensive driving courses are simply meant to teach drivers the basics, while other courses are designed to sharpen the skills of professional drivers or car enthusiasts. So, here is a list of some of the most common types of intensive driving courses:

    Basic Skills Intensive Driving Courses

    If you don’t yet have a driver’s license, and want to learn the basics driving skills required to obtain a license, you can take a traditional car driving course that will take several weeks or months to complete. On the other hand, you could take an intensive course which is designed to give you adequate time behind the wheel of a vehicle and help you learn the basics of driving law and theory as well. Most of the time, intensive courses can be completed within 7 to 10 days. However, they usually require that you attend classes for several hours a day.

    Defensive Driving Intensive Courses

    Some driving schools offer advanced defensive driving courses to law enforcement officers, public transportation drivers, taxi drivers and other professional drivers. These types of driving courses are designed to teach drivers advanced techniques in defensive driving. Drivers learn how to avoid accident situations, use a vehicle to escape dangerous situations and also how to perform various advanced driving maneuvers.

    High Performance or Race Car Driving Courses

    These days, race car driver courses have become very popular. More and more car enthusiasts are investing in the high performance cars or race cars that can travel at speeds considerably higher than standard vehicles. The methods and techniques used to drive vehicles at high speeds are somewhat different than most drivers are familiar with. So, these types of courses teach drivers how to safely operate vehicles at speeds in excess of 100 mph. Drivers are taught proper shifting techniques, how to negotiate turns at high speeds and also taught methods and techniques used to reduce drag on vehicles at high speeds.

    Benefits of Intensive Driving Courses

    There are many benefits of to taking an intensive driving course and all of them are not tangible or easily noticed. In some cases, driving courses that teach basic driving techniques as well as defensive driving courses may help drivers reduce car insurance premium rates or meet requirements to obtain a certain type of driver’s license.

    However, benefits from other types of driving courses such as those types of courses offered by race car schools or instructors that teach high performance car driving techniques won’t necessarily help drivers save moneybut may help the driver operate a vehicle more safely or perhaps avoid a potentially dangerous accident in the future.