• What Is a Written Driving Test

    A written driving test is a paper or computer-based exam that tests a potential licensee on their theoretical knowledge of driving and the rules of the road. It comprises the permit exam for drivers wishing to obtain their driver’s permit, and it is the theory driving test for all license applicants. In addition to it, people wishing to obtain their driver’s license also have to complete a hands-on driving test.

    Theoretical Driving Knowledge

    Many skills involved with driving an automobile cannot be fully understood on paper. They must be practiced in order to gain the knowledge. However, the theoretical elements of driving are important to give a future driver a well-rounded mastery of the road. Rules of the road, traffic laws and the meaning of the numerous signs and markers all must be learned from a book before they make sense while driving. This is the purpose of a driver’s manual and a written driving test. When you learn to identify signs and markers and know the laws of driving theoretically, when you put it into practice you will have a reference point.

    Driving Test Tips

    The best way to ensure that you pass your written driving test the first time is to study. After studying, take a mock driving test before you take the actual exam. There are many questions that are tricky. Some have seemingly multiple correct answers; others cover obscure and little-known areas of traffic safety and law. It behooves you to study the driver’s manual. If you do not pass the written test, you won’t get your license.

    Taking a written driving test is half of the process of obtaining a driver’s license. In it you will be tested on your theoretical knowledge of road rules and traffic safety. Understanding how to drive properly and safely is a critical step in becoming a responsible driver.