• What Is a Passing Grade on a Written Driving Test

    Whether it is a permit exam or in order to get your driver’s license, a written driving test is a requirement. In addition to the driving skills test in which you will actually drive with a certified tester, the written skills exam tests your theoretical knowledge of the rules of the road. Among other things, knowledge of traffic signs, signals and basic road rules are tested.

    Taking the Test

    The written driving test is a multiple choice exam usually conducted on a computer at your local DMV office. The questions range in difficulty, and you are allowed to get a certain number wrong. If you do not pass your first driving test in the written format, you will have to wait a certain amount of time–at least a week but perhaps longer before you can retake the test.  

    Passing the Test

    The DMV typically requires that you score 80% or higher on the written driving test in order to pass. On a test with 50 questions, you will have to get at least 40 correct or else you will not pass. The best way to pass on the first try is to thoroughly study the driver’s manual and to take practice tests available online. Going into the test unprepared is a sure way to fail the first time. You may assume the test will be a breeze, but many of the questions can be tricky.

    In order to score 80% on your written driving test, the best thing to do is prepare. Read the manual and take practice tests. This will prepare you for some of the seemingly ambiguous questions you may encounter.