• What is a Driving Permit Test

    A driving permit test is the required test that must be taken and passed in order to be issued an instructional driving permit or learner’s driving permit in your state. The permit allows you to drive or operate a vehicle on state highways and roads if you are accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 18 years old and has no restrictions on their own driver’s license.

    What Types of Questions Are on the Test?

    Actual questions on driver permit tests will vary from state to state because of slight differences in driving rules and traffic laws. However, many of the questions will cover the same type of safe driving related material. You will be asked questions about proper driving methods and procedures, as well as questions about how to drive during the night time or in inclement weather.

    Most state driving permit tests will also include a section about traffic signs. You will be required to view pictures of various traffic signs and determine what each sign means, or what action needs to be taken when you see a particular sign. Sign types on the test will vary from simple speed limit signs and stop signs, to signs about highway traffic conditions and warning signs about sharp curves or steep inclines.

    What Score Is Required to Pass?

    The score required to pass a written test varies from state to state as well. Generally speaking, you will be required is achieve a score of 75% or higher in order to receive your instructional permit or learner’s permit. It is important that you study hard for the test and always attempt to achieve a 100% score if possible.