• What is a Car Safety Harness

    A car safety harness is commonly recognized as one of the best ways to keep pets safe in a car. When dog owners need to travel with their pets, having this kind of safety gear in place can save lives.

    A Car Safety Harness: How it Works

    The car safety harness is a simple restraining belt structure that keeps a pet secured inside a vehicle. It’s like a booster car seat for dogs. Car safety harnesses and other guardian gear help minimize the risk of accidents on the road. The car safety harness is, effectively, a dog seat belt. It’s a premier animal protection device that dog owners should install in their vehicles.

    Types of Accidents a Car Safety Harness Can Prevent

    A loose animal can become a flying missile in a crash situation. The car safety harness prevents this kind of danger. Also, accidents sometimes happen when a pet is trying to distract its owner by physically crawling onto him or her. The car safety harness keeps the animal safely in a confined area. Also, an animal can sometimes climb up onto the dash or even the rear of the vehicle, blocking the driver’s view.

    Other alternatives include a kennel cage and a mesh partition that would stretch across the back of the vehicle. The benefit of the harness is that the animal can still feel less restricted, while being prevented from roaming the vehicle. Think about using these kinds of helpful tools to prevent accidents and injury to your pet, yourself, or others on the road.