• What is a Car Safety Crash Test

    A car safety crash test is performed on every vehicle at multiple points in the design process and once the car is completed. These tests are done to determine how the vehicle will respond during different types of impacts. Ultimately, when the auto manufacturer performs these tests, they are done in order to determine how safe the vehicle will be. Design flaws are often corrected with the intent of making the safest automobile possible. After the vehicle is designed and released, these tests are again performed, this time by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This group is a non-profit organization funded by the insurance companies to help reduce motor vehicle accidents and rate injuries. So what exactly are car safety crash tests?

    Typically crash tests are a series of simulated accidents designed to determine the safety ratings of automobiles. These tests include frontal offset impact, side impact, rear crash protection/head restraint and roof strength tests. Frontal offset impact tests expose 40% of the front of the vehicle to an impact at 40 MPH. A side impact test simulates an accident where the side of the vehicle is smashed, and it is a very demanding test to the structural integrity of the automobile. The Rear crash/head restraint tests the vehicle’s seat and effectiveness of the head restraints. Lastly, the roof strength tests the vehicles roof in the event of a rollover.

    Combined, these tests generate several ratings that determine the overall safety of your automobile and can, according to car crash statistics, help improve your chance of surviving an accident. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also awards Top Safety Pick to a number of vehicles every year that generate high scores in all crash test rating categories.