• What are Nascar Racing Schools

    If you’re a NASCAR stock-car racing fan, there are few things that could probably excite you more than learning how to drive a NASCAR racing car at more than 165 mph; well, one of the easiest ways to do this is to attend one of the many NASCAR racing schools. As NASCAR racing continues to grow in popularity, more and more people are seeking to become racecar drivers. Even if you don’t want to become a professional race car driver, you can still learn valuable driving procedures and skills used by the professionals.

    Racecar Driving Taught by Professional Drivers

    Almost all NASCAR racing schools are owned and operated by professional NASCAR drivers. In fact, if you have a favorite NASCAR driver, there is a good possibility that the driver either owns and operates a school or works in conjunction with another driver and teaches classes. So, you could literally find yourself side-by-side with your favorite NASCAR driver traveling around an oval track at incredibly high speeds.

    While attending a NASCAR racing school allows you to meet some of the most famous NASCAR drivers on the circuit, there are certainly other reasons for attending these types of schools. Professional NASCAR drivers teach you all of the basics of driving and handling a high-performance stock car at speeds often in excess of 165 mph. If you choose to attend or advanced courses, you will learn methods and techniques used in competitive stock car racing.

    What Is Taught at NASCAR Racing Schools

    When you attend a driving course at a NASCAR racing school, you’ll be given classroom instruction on proper driving methods as well as have an opportunity to drive an actual NASCAR stock car on a major race track. You will be given instruction in proper methods of shifting gears, accelerating on a straightaway and how to negotiate corners and turns at high speeds.

    The professional racing instructors at NASCAR racing schools will also teach you proper techniques for passing other vehicles on a racetrack as well as how to draft, or use a car in front of you to conserve fuel and drive at faster speeds. More advanced racing car courses offer instruction in advanced shifting techniques and working with fellow team drivers to secure a better finishing position for both drivers.

    Other Types of Instruction

    In addition to techniques specifically designed for NASCAR racing, many NASCAR racing schools teach advanced safe driving techniques as well. For example, many NASCAR racing schools teach the methods designed to improve student driver’s reaction time and avoidance of obstacles in the road. Students that attend advanced safety driving classes also learn the proper techniques of braking as well as regaining control of a vehicle when involved in a skid or slide.

    Student drivers are also taught proper defensive driving strategies and how to properly implement them. Vehicle maintenance is taught as a means of ensuring safe driving also. Instruction at NASCAR racing schools not only allows student drivers to confidently drive vehicles fasterit also teaches them how to operate vehicles safely and how to avoid accidents.