• Understanding Traffic School Eligibility Requirements

    You need to go to traffic school but you may not be sure of how this process works, and therefore it’s necessary to know about traffic school eligibility. Traffic school is based on a process of online study, updating driver education and reducing points on your license. After you have received a fine, you can either plead guilty or not guilty. If you plead guilty, you will save money on the ticket and may have to attend driving school to improve your skills on the road. San Diego County courts are the only jurisdiction in the USA that requires ticket payment and traffic school attendance simultaneously, while most places will reduce the ticket.

    Understand Traffic School Laws

    Making the decision to go to traffic school will help you qualify for a reduction in the cost of your ticket. Traffic school programs are separate entities from the court, and an additional fee is required to participate. The saving is about 18% of the ticket price, and your driving skills will benefit. The process is to plead guilty, pay the bail amount and an administrative fee of $49. This usually takes 60 days from the time the payment is processed until the time you will be required to produce your certificate of completion from traffic school.

    Once per Year

    You may not attend traffic school more than once per year, no matter how much you enjoy the experience. You can only attend traffic school five times over the course of your life as a driver.

    Updating Education

    Apart from the insurance benefits when your insurance premium is reduced, you will also receive a court-mandated credit. The lessons learned in traffic school will have a long term benefit, which will help on a daily basis. You could even take an intermediate or advanced driver’s course.

    Online Learning

    You can study on your own time if you choose to learn online and there are many opportunities to pass the course and exams online as well. You can use the Internet wherever it is available to you and can work at your own pace. You will state the traffic violation information, select and remember a password and supply basic information to prevent fraud. Time on the computer program will be monitored, as four hours is the minimum requirement. This time can be done in one sitting or split across the course. This should prepare you for the open-book test that will qualify you.

    Defensive Driving Course and Extra Programs

    With a mature driving course for older people and a judge approved course among the options, there is something for every person. There are courses for beginners, alcohol abusers and intermediate level drivers.

    Supplemental Products

    After completing the course online, you can purchase DVDs to supplement your driver training. This will be valuable to you for future driving situations.

    Traffic school is not only a great rehabilitation for drivers, but it’s also a great learning experience where you can become an expert driver. You don’t necessarily have to sit in a classroom, as you can learn at home by going online or watching a DVD.