• Ten Tips for Surviving a Traffic School Class

    If you need to complete a traffic school class for driving and safety, the following tips may be useful.

    1. If you anticipate problems with scheduling or transportation to attend a traffic school class in person, you may consider taking a home study course or completing one online. Many traffic schools offer these courses. They are also convenient for those who are not able to physically attend for a variety of reasons.
    2. Be patient with the teacher and other students. You may attend the class with others who may be annoying to you. If you don’t like what the teacher says or how he or she conducts the class, be patient and try to gather as much valuable information as you can from the course. Remember the purpose of the class.
    3. Give yourself enough time to arrive early to get a good parking place. Also, early arrival will help you find a comfortable place to sit. Arriving late may be embarrassing and disruptive.
    4. Come prepared with notebook paper, pens or pencils and anything else that will help make your experience a valuable one. You may wish to bring cough drops or bottled water.
    5. Obtain as much information about the class in advance, such as the schedule, requirements and location. Having the information in advance will reduce anxiety.
    6. Listen and concentrate on what the teacher says, taking notes will help.
    7. Ask questions when you don’t understand and when you need a more extensive or detailed answer.
    8. Cooperate and be respectful to the teacher and others. If you had a bad day, don’t bring in a bad attitude.
    9. Make sure you know and understand the material for any tests you may need to pass.
    10. Dress comfortably, conservatively and considerately. Wear clothing that will not attract attention, but is comfortable for the environment. Consider others and be pleasantly groomed without heavy cologne or other odors.

    When attending traffic school, it is important to come prepared and to focus on making the class worthwhile. These tips should make the experience more pleasant and help you to survive.