• Saftey Adavantages of Attending a Skip Barber Racing School

    In 1975, John “Skip” Barber founded the Skip Barber School of High Performance Racing, and in 1976 changed the name to Skip Barber Racing School. Within 10 years the school was the largest racing school in the world. The Skip Barber Racing School continues to be the largest and most widely respected racing school in the world for two reasons: world class racing and racing car instruction and strict adherence to outstanding safety methods and protocols.

    Safety Advantages of the Skip Barber Racing School

    When you choose the Skip Barber Racing School to learn how to drive a high performance race car, you will experience the thrill of racing while being protected by some of the most exhaustive protection methods and procedures used in the car racing industry. In fact, Skip Barber’s school is highly regarded for its strict implementation of safety rules and refusal to waiver from their usage. It is this steadfast tenacity for adherence to safety guidelines and regulations that has allowed the Skip Barber Racing School to operate for more than 30 years without any fatalities or serious injuries to student drivers.

    The school requires use of the highest caliber safety equipment. In addition, Skip Barber’s schools do not allow drivers to bring their own cars, and requires drivers to use high quality cars that are meticulously maintained in order to be as safe as possible. Cars used in Skip Barber instruction are among the safest in the world.

    Besides the great lengths that the Skip Barber schools go to in order to insure the safety of all equipment and vehicles used at the school, the school also provides thorough one-on-one instruction to students by racing professionals before the driver is ever allowed to start an engine. This results in drivers knowing correct and safe methods and procedures before ever taking the wheel.