• [number] Reasongs to Use a Child Car Safety Seat

    There are many reasons to use child car safety seats. The following are a few of those reasons:

    • Seatbelts are not designed for children. A seatbelt alone can not properly restrain a child under 4’9” during a collision. The upper portion of a seatbelt needs to cross the body along the chest area. This is not possible with a small child because the upper portion of the belt would cross at the child’s neck or higher If at all. This puts your child at risk for major injuries in an accident.
    • An improperly restrained child can be thrown from a car in an accident.  Especially in major accidents involving overturned vehicles.
    • A child safety seat keeps your child from running around in the car while you are trying to concentrate on driving.
    • Keeping a child safe in a car is a very difficult thing to do. Most cars have many small items,through out the car, which are choking hazards. Child safety seats keep infants and small children away from these items which are usually found in the seat or on the floor.
    • By using a child safety seat, you keep your child where you can see them.
    • Children are always growing and their body’s development can be influenced by external forces such as those generated in a car accident. Using a car seat can help minimize these forces.
    • Child safety seats are also important outside of a vehicle. They provide a safe way of transporting a small child (infant) to and from a vehicle.
    • You want to protect your child, and you care what might happen in a car accident.
    • It is the responsible thing to do. Protecting a child is one of many tasks which fall on the shoulders of adults.
    • Car seats hold infants in a physical position which maximizes their ability to handle the large external forces produced during an accident.
    • Your child’s chances of surviving a major accident are much higher if they are in a properly installed car safety seat.
    • Putting your child in a child safety seat can help you avoid getting a ticket in some states.  Any states take child care safety very seriously.
    • Child safety seats also provide a safe place for small children to eat, sleep, and play while traveling in a car, truck, or other vehicle.
    • Safety seats also protect children if they are accidentally dropped during transport. In infant can be seriously injured or killed by dropping them. Child safety seats are designed to absorb most of the energy generated by the fall.

    These are some of the most important reasons for using a child safety seat. Until a child is old enough to make their own decisions, we must protect them using the tools we have.  Child safety seats are one of the best inventions for children. By installing your child safety seat properly and using it any time a child is in the car, you increase your child’s chances of living a happy, playful and stress free life.