• Need a Laugh? Why Comedy Traffic School May Be Right for You

    Some states allow you to clear traffic tickets by enrolling in either an in-person or online course, and comedy traffic school is one such option. Rather than sit in a classroom listening to an instructor go on and on about traffic rules, violations and proper driving procedures, enjoy the experience in a funny traffic school. Enrolling in a comedy traffic course such as that offered by the Improv Traffic School is not all fun and games, though. You learn valuable information and are working to reduce the cost of traffic tickets or expunge DMV points from your motor vehicle record. This will have a direct influence on keeping your insurance premiums low. If your state will let you enroll in a traffic course as an alternative to either paying your fine or putting a bad mark on your driving record, consider comedy traffic school.

    How Traffic School Can Help with Road Violations

    Traffic school can help to purge your driving record of a limited number of violations in a period of time. Not every state offers this as a means of keeping traffic infractions off your record, but for those that do it’s a good way to prevent your insurance company from being notified. DMV points you accrue from traffic citations are available as a matter of public record when your insurance company calculates rates. Thus, if you get a speeding ticket, your insurance company will find out and your premiums will increase as a result. Traffic school, though, can help to prevent this. In some cases, the presiding judge at traffic court will agree to dismiss your ticket so long as you pay the fine and enroll in traffic school. You may rather have the ticket reduced, but in that case it still goes on your record. Traffic school is a few hours of your time, and the money you will save by not having your insurance premiums increase will quickly surpass whatever you pay for the ticket. 

    Benefits of Comedy Traffic School

    In comedy traffic school you will learn about traffic rules and procedures like in any other class of that nature, but the difference is you will laugh while doing it. Trained traffic school instructors moonlight as comedians, and their sense of humor comes through in their lessons. It’s easy to learn the material. What is challenging is learning it in a way that will stick. With comedy traffic school, the basic rules of the road are easy to remember because you associate them with laughter. Not only that, but you can take comedy traffic school fully online and get same-day completion. Take the course all at once or a little at a time, it’s up to you. For one low price you can get credit for taking the course, present proof to the court and have your driving record wiped clean. 

    If you live in a state that offers online traffic school as a way to remove DMV points after a traffic citation, consider comedy traffic school for a fun and memorable experience.