• Is Your Traffic School Court Approved? How to Find Out

    Before you enroll for a course at a traffic school, you should ask yourself the question: Is your traffic school court approved? If you get enrolled in a traffic school which is not approved by the court, you might have to take classes all over again at a certified school, which results in an unnecessary waste of time and money.

    Finding Out if the School Is Court Approved:

    • Go to the court, pay the administration fee and take the time to consult with the court clerk and confirm whether the traffic school course is accredited and recognized by the state. Ensure that you only attend a licensed traffic school, or research the Internet for an online course that’s recognized by the court. Most courts give you a deadline by which you should submit your Certificate of Completion. If this isn’t done within the given time, you won’t be able to get points taken off your driving record.
    • Many online schools claim that they are court approved, when in reality they aren’t. To avoid becoming a victim of an online scam, ensure that you enroll in a certified DMV traffic school. Online traffic schools are only certified after they meet rigorous standards, and a shady one can be recognized by grammatically incorrect and poorly written course materials. Alternatively, look up the company name and reputation on the Better Business Bureau.
    • Contact your DMV and ask for a list of certified traffic schools in your area. Some state DMV websites allow you to download this list.
    • Many states don’t allow online traffic school as a means of ticket dismissal. Thus, if a traffic school claims to be approved in all states, it’s best to check it out. Also, a school might be approved in some counties of the state and not approved in others. Hence, it’s important to find out if the school is approved in your specific area.

    Keep these guidelines in mind when looking for a reputed traffic school, to meet your learning needs.