• Is Teen Driving School Required to Get a License

    Taking a teen driving school may or may not be required for you to get your license. Depending on what state you are in, you may be required to enroll in a drivers education course, but other states simply just recommend it. Regardless if it is required, it is a great way to learn driving and a way to help you get your learners permit. Drivers education has two parts, a teaching aspect, and the other is a driving aspect. The teaching aspect is where a certified instructor is up there once a week teaching you different topics that you will not only need to know for your permit test, but also the rules of the road. You go through topics such as defensive driving, winter driving, and driving basics since you have never driven a car before. You also get tested, which will act as a practice permit test, and usually is longer and harder than the real permit test. So if you can pass the test in drivers ed, you should have no problem on test day. The other aspect is a driving part where you learn the basics of driving, allow yourself to feel comfortable in the car, yet also practice the parts of the road test. Things that you may have emphasis on are parallel parking, three point turns, as well as normal driving situations, such as making a left at an intersection. These courses can also come with insurance reductions. As you can see, you may not need to take the course, but it is highly recommended to go before you go take your permit test.