• Is a Driving School Class Necessary to Take the CDL Exam

    There are certain advantages of attending a driving school class if you want to pass the Commercial Driving License exam. If you wish to pursue a career as a commercial driver and want to drive a vehicle designed to transport at least 16 persons, vehicles carrying hazardous materials or towing another vehicle of 10,000 pounds, you’re required to have a CDL license. To obtain this license, you must pass the CDL exam.

    CDL Examination

    The CDL exam consists of 2 components. These include a written exam with 30 questions, and a skills test. You should get at least 80% of the answers right in order to pass the written test. For the skills test, you’re required to demonstrate your driving skills through a practical driving exam. Truck driving school lasts between 3 to 6 weeks and provides the necessary training for you to successfully pass both the written and practical components of the CDL exam. Moreover

    , several CDL practice tests are offered by the DMV and driving schools, to help you in the written component of the exam.

    Advantages of Going to Driving School

    If you have no experience in driving a truck, you should go to a truck driving school. Driving a truck can pose a safety hazard to you and other drivers on the road if you’re not properly trained. In addition, heavy towing with a truck requires both training and experience, and a driving school helps you acquire both. A reputed driving school offers world class programs which combine classroom training with “on-truck” and “over-the-road” driver training. Thus, after completing such a course, you would be fully prepared to drive a truck safely and confidently. Also, attending a driving school is necessary, if you want to get a job with a reputed company, as top notch schools assist students in finding good jobs.

    There are usually no laws that require test takers to attend a driving school. However, attending a reputed driving school can enable you to get the necessary training to safely drive a commercial vehicle and become a successful truck driver.