• Important Driving Test Information

    Getting your driver’s license requires you to be tested on your skill in an automobile and your ability to abide by the rules of the road, but before you sign up for the test, consider this important driving test information so you know what to expect. After you have studied the manual and think you are ready, it is time to take the test. Online booking of driving tests may be available in your state. Check with your state’s DMV for specific information.

    How to Get Marked Down on a Driving Test

    There are many ways to receive demerits on your driving test. To name just a few, signaling too soon, stopping for a yield sign, driving erratically in reverse, failing to use the proper hand signals, failing to merge properly and failing to yield for a pedestrian will all lower your score. When making a right turn, scraping your tire against the curb will lower your score automatically by 10%. In order to avoid these negative marks, the best thing to do is study the driver’s manual before you take the test.

    Automatic Fail

    Egregious errors such as an auto accident, hitting somebody, unsafe driving or speeding and failing to abide by road rules will result in an automatic failure on your driving test. One that is not so well known is driving up on the curb when making a right turn. This, too, results in an automatic failure as it denotes an inability to drive safely.

    Study up on your knowledge of road rules, traffic signs and general driving safety before you take the driving test, and you will be better prepared for the exam. If you have studied, stay calm and poised and know what not to do so you pass with flying colors.