• How to Register for a High Performance Driving School Online

    If you took the plunge and purchased the high-performance sports car of your dreams, perhaps you should consider attending a high performance driving school to sharpen your skills behind the wheel. There are almost 200 locations where you can attend classes taught by a professional racecar driver, and even get some lap time in one of America’s major racetracks. Here’s a quick guide on how to register for a high performance driving school.

    What You’ll Need:

    • Valid driver’s license
    • Approved car insurance policy
    • Health insurance

    Step 1 – Find a High Performance Driving School

    You can save time and find high-performance driving schools by using your favorite search engine. Simply enter search terms like “high performance driving school” and click the search button. You’ll find many relevant links where you can find information about different schools around the country.

    Step 2 – Gather Required Information

    Gather all of your relevant documents, such as insurance policies and other pertinent personal information you will need to register for a driving school.

    Step 3 – Enroll at the School of Your Choice

    Visit the website of the high-performance driving school you wish to attend and choose a course type. Different schools offer different types of driving courses for high-performance cars, that range from half a day in length to three or four days of classroom training and on-the-track driving experience. You’ll be required to enter all of your personal information, as well as drive’rs license and insurance information, at the time of enrollment.

    Step 4 – Pay for the Course

    Use your credit card to pay for the course at the high-performance school website. Alternatively, you can follow the website directions for making arrangements to pay via other payment methods.

    Step 5 – Receive Confirmation

    Once you pay for the course, the school should send you a confirmation e-mail within a day or two. Make sure that you print out the confirmation e-mail and payment receipt for your records, and take a copy along when you attend the course.