• How to Know if You’re Choosing an Approved Traffic School

    If you’re attending traffic school to dismiss a moving violation or lower your insurance costs, it’s important to make sure you’ve chosen a DMV approved traffic school to attend. Without DMV approval, your time, effort and money spent at traffic school will be wasted, as the court cannot accept class records from a school that is not approved. If you need to check to ensure that your traffic school of choice has been DMV approved, here are two methods of doing so.

    Method 1: Internet Listings

    By using the internet, you should be able to find a government-run site with a list of approved traffic schools in your state. From there, simply check to see that your chosen traffic school is on the list. Alternatively, you can use this method to find a DMV approved traffic school if you haven’t already chosen a school to check.

    Method 2: Telephone Inquiry

    If you’ve already chosen a traffic school and need to find out if it’s DMV approved, you can use the phone book to find that school’s telephone number. It’s then an easy matter to call them up and ask if they are DMV approved. Be aware that the school itself may not be the most reputable source of information if it lacks DMV approval, and it would be wise to follow up on this method with method number 1.

    By using one of these two simple methods to ensure that your traffic school is DMV approved, you’ll be able to attend traffic school with the confidence that your time and money aren’t being wasted.