• How to Improve Pet Car Safety

    Some drivers may not think about pet car safety, but in many cases, attention to the right setup for your pets can make a big difference. Taking good precautions is the responsible thing for pet owners to do.

    A Car Safety Harness for Dogs

    Humans wear seatbelts and take advantage of airbags. Until recently, there were not a lot of options for dog restraints in vehicles. Manufacturers are starting to offer car safety harnesses, such as Guardian Gear, to help canine travelers stay safe.

    A dog car safety harness contributes to safe driving in a number of ways. It keeps animals from jumping at the driver, or up onto the dash where they may obstruct the driver’s view. It also keeps them from being a hazard in a sudden stop situation, where any type of body, whether human or animal, may fly toward the front or side of the vehicle.

    Dog kennel cages and partitions can serve a similar use. A simple partition can keep animals from roaming loose in a vehicle, which can help save lives. In some U.S. states, lawmakers are proposing steps to ban things like dogs traveling in the driver’s lap.

    More for Pet Safety

    Another way to help provide for dogs on the road is to choose a pet-friendly vehicle. This has become much more of a common focus in recent years. Pet owners who travel with their pets can check out blogs like DogCars.com, where pet experts weigh in on which vehicles are the best for carrying canine passengers.

    For instance, the Honda Element ranks high in the list of dog-friendly vehicles. The specific style of interior for that vehicle provides a lot of extra room for dogs or any other cargo. Having a proper auto size to hold your pets is another way to be safe on the road.

    Additional Tips

    There’s a lot more that drivers should think about for pet safety. One rule is: never let your dogs ride unsecured in the back of a pickup truck. This used to be common in some places, but it’s really very hazardous for dogs, and for other drivers, since dogs can easily jump out of the bed or be thrown in the event of an accident.

    Another common tip deals with leaving animals unsupervised in a vehicle. Pet owners are cautioned not to leave dogs in unventilated vehicles, even during moderately hot days, as the vehicle interior can heat up and harm pets who are trapped inside.

    Next time you are gearing up for a trip with your dog, think about these simple pet safety tips for staying safe on the road.