• How to Guarantee Driving Test Success

    If you take certain steps to prepare yourself, you can maximize your chances for driving test success. Everything on a driving test is a kind of “question” that tests your ability to operate a car and practice safe driving under different conditions and circumstances. Here are a few hints to help make sure that you are well prepared when exam day comes.

    Be Prepared

    The best way to be assured that you’re prepared for a test is to know what the test will include. States provide a driver’s manual free of charge that includes a description of the driver’s test and what it will include. Many manuals include simple lessons that you can read, as well as practice quizzes and simple explanations of the different test requirements. Pick one of these up and use it to make sure you know exactly what you’ll be asked to do. You may also consider enrolling in a safety course or drivers education program that will familiarize you with your state’s specific test. These types of courses are often available at relatively low cost, with or without a behind-the-wheel segment.

    Choose a Coach

    Make sure that you have an experienced driver to help teach you the ropes while you’re learning about driving. If you’re driving on a learner’s permit, this should be required by your state’s laws. Young drivers normally have the advantage of having a parent or other close family member who drives to teach them. If not, try asking a friend or neighbor to give you pointers. Nothing will prove as valuable as the advice of someone who has plenty of experience behind the wheel.

    Know Your Car

    Select a vehicle that you’re comfortable in and that you’re used to driving. If you’re an inexperienced driver, you don’t want to be working out the quirks of a new car with your DOL examiner breathing down your neck. Remember that you’ll be parking and backing quite a bit, as well as maneuvering within confined spaces. If you’re not used to the way the car you’re testing in handles, it can be a recipe for trouble. Also make sure that you do a thorough safety inspection of your car to make sure that all lights and signals work and that the car is in good driving condition. The inspector will often take note of your car’s condition and grade you accordingly. Applicants whose vehicles are found to be in violation of safety rules can be refused their test.

    Practice Makes Perfect

    The most important part of the process is practice, practice, practice. Learning how to manage complex procedures like backing around a corner, executing a proper lane change or the infamous parallel parking test, is best accomplished through repetition. Try setting up a mock driving practice course in an empty parking lot, study the description in your driver’s manual and then have your coach talk you through the steps. The hardest things to learn should be your greatest priority.

    When test day comes, stay calm and remember: your preparation has given you the best chance of success you could possibly have.