• How to Get the Best Driving School Price

    Driving school price varies, but every driving school should teach the basics for the state’s driver exam and teach proper driver control techniques. These basic principles can’t be taught at home, as there is a level of consistency that must be maintained. And with stringent traffic rules, it’s best to take training from a driving school before you start driving.

    Step 1: Price the Schools against one Another

    There will be competition among local driving schools that offer the best price, but not necessarily the same type of service. Check the special prices that the schools have available. Local rates may vary, but choose the lowest price driving school that is nearby and offers good benefits. Contact several driving schools for details about their schedules so that you will not have to wait to do the license test. Many schools have hidden costs such as registration procedures and exam fees. A cheap driving school may not be the best, as the instructors may not have proper qualifications. This could hamper student learning and require more lessons in the long term.

    Step 2: Cut Costs by Studying the Classroom Instruction Online or at Home

    Although state law dictates the amount of hours required, the classroom hours can be done at home. There are online courses that cover the information dictated by state law. There are CDs, DVDs and other study aids that can benefit students. There are online tests, information and tips to supplement the driver’s education, generally at an extra cost which can be lower than the onsite driving school cost.

    Step 3: Practice Driver Education with a Family Member

    When you practice driving around with your child and your patience is wearing thin, remember that you can save between $50 and $150 for every lesson you have with your child.

    Step 4: Book in Advance for a Discount

    Plan the driving school lessons long before the test will be written. Booking lessons in advance will secure the space in the driving school and you will not need to call to book an appointment at the last minute.

    Step 5: Block Book

    There are usually about 45 lessons required to complete the driver’s test, and by booking all these lessons in advance, you will be able to get a discount. If you do not use all the lessons, you will get a refund. Two hour lessons will help and be more useful, as there will be more information shared and transport costs will be saved. Remember to check cancellation policies and the fine print in the contract. Ask for a discount in case one may be available.

    Step 6: Book a Combined Package

    Many driving schools offer combination packages with the optimal balance of classroom and driving skills education. You will pay between $200 and $800 depending on the hours of instruction offered. School prices can increase as gasoline prices rise.

    There are many advantages that driving schools offer that will be reflected in the price quoted. Shop around for the best option for your driving needs.