• How to Get the Best Deal on a Car Safety Inspection

    When it comes to the annual car safety inspection necessary in your state, there’s usually a flat fee charged by any inspection shop. Getting a good deal on a state safety inspection for your vehicle is much more about dealing with any potential issues than it is about negotiating an inspection fee.

    Costs of a Car Safety Inspection

    If you want to save money every year on your safety inspection, recognize where the cost usually is. Your shop will quote you the standard fee for the sticker that shows your vehicle passed. They will often call you up and tell you that your vehicle won’t pass until you make certain repairs. That’s where the cost comes in. Shops can almost always find something wrong with the vehicle, however small, and charge what they want.

    Discount Car Safety Close to Home

    If you’re worried about spending too much every year on getting your safety inspection sticker, here are some tips for keeping costs lower.

    • Find a reputable shop – Look for an honest, fair shop, and don’t stop looking until you find one.
    • Stay with the same inspection station – Repeat business is always respected, and you’re more likely to get a fair deal from the shop you know.
    • Look for a shop that lets you order the parts – Some shops will let you take a more active hand in needed fixes. Others will claim they need to order the parts themselves, then jack up the price of those parts.
    • Take your vehicle back – If the costs of necessary fixes sound too high, don’t be afraid to take your vehicle and go elsewhere for the items that failed the inspection. According to your state, you probably have a fixed amount of time to find a shop that will fix your vehicle for rates that seem fair.

    These tips will help drivers looking for a bargain purchase on the car repairs they need.