• How to Find Your State Traffic School Requirements

    Finding out the state traffic school requirements and limitations is a matter of understanding the laws depending on where you live. Not every state allows cited drivers to attend traffic school to expunge a ticket from their record. In fact, since the county in which you received the ticket determines its own rules, you will have to look into county regulations as well. Most counties containing a major municipality will likely allow it, but you have to be sure. Don’t assume they will and enroll in traffic school if it will not help you. If you get a ticket and you don’t want to suffer from increased insurance premiums because of it, find out if traffic school is allowed in your state first. Then take the necessary steps to complete the course and have the ticket erased. 

    Traffic School Requirements

    Conduct an Internet search to find the appropriate rules pertaining to the county and state in which you received the citation. Navigating through government websites can be very aggravating due to their complexity. For that reason, there are third-party sites which sum up much of the information you are seeking. Always double check the information, though, because rules may have changed. You may have to make a phone call to the clerk of the courts for the particular county in question. Asking a few well-planned questions will usually get you what you need to know. In Oregon, for instance, since there is no DMV points system that adds marks to your driving record for each ticket or accident, there is no way to keep tickets off your record. Infractions are tracked, though, and too many will end you up in a driver improvement program. The state and county rules in the case of your traffic citation may be different, so be sure to find out. 

    State DMV

    You can also search their website or call the state DMV to find out what is allowable in terms of traffic school ticket dismissal. Again, the website may take you a while to get through, but with some persistence you can find your answer. 

    If Traffic School Is an Option

    If it is allowable for you to pay the fine and enroll in traffic school in exchange for dismissing the charge, be sure you obtain a list of every approved traffic school the court recognizes. With online traffic schools abounding, many are not approved. You may pay for the class and present the certification to the court only to find out your particular school is not approved. That means you’ll have to take the class all over again. Courts that provide this remedy for cited drivers will always have a list of approved traffic schools. Stick to that list and enroll. Many are online, making it easier to get certified. 

    Once you determine whether or not traffic school is an option to keep a ticket off of your record, make sure you only enroll in a court-approved school, complete the course and provide proof of completion to the court after the fact.