• How to Find a Driving School in California

    If you are looking for a driving school in California there can be more choices than you can process. Instead, use a few simple tips and tricks to find the right driving school in California to help your teen learn how to drive defensively and safely every time they hit the road. Depending on the area of the state you live in, there may be different driving schools offered.

    Contact Your Local DMV

    Your local DMV is not only a great resource for the laws surrounding driving schools and whether they are required in order to obtain a driving permit or license, but they can also be a great resource for finding some of the best or most popular driving schools in your area. Visit or call your local DMV for a list of recommendations of local driving schools.

    Ask Your Child’s School Counselor

    Since driving schools are often required for a teen to get their permit or license and driving is considered a life skill, many high schools offer a driving school or other course. The guidance or curriculum counselor at your child’s school may be able to point you in the right direction of a great driving school or other education driving program best suited to your teen’s needs.

    Call Your Friends

    If you have friends with teens you should be networking with them about the driving schools they are interacting with or using in order to find the right one for your teen. When you get personal recommendations, you will have access to information about how they treat students and parents, the cost compared to other schools, the curriculum offered and other important information that may not be listed in the brochure or other promotional materials.

    Ask Your Car Insurance Agent

    Car insurance companies are becoming more involved in the promotion of safe teen driving and often offer benefits and discounts to those families whose teen goes through a driving school or other course. If you have a local agent or national insurance company with local representation, they may have a preferred driving school or other information for you to check into.

    Driving schools in California offer more than just a quality driving education. They can also help your teen learn how to drive defensively and develop quality instincts. There’s enough to worry about as your teen heads out into the adult world. Don’t let their driving skills be one of the things that keep you up at night.