• How to Choose a Florida Online Driving School

    Finding a Florida online driving school can make attending driving school a lot less of a hassle. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right one for you.

    Driver Safety

    You will want to make sure you pick a Florida driving school that offers safety courses like defensive driving. This will not only help you to become a safer driver, many auto insurance companies will offer discounts on their rates if you show proof of completion of a defensive driving course.

    DHSMV Approval

    When you are looking at online driving schools you want to make sure you find one that has been approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). This will ensure that you will learn everything there is regarding the current laws. It can also help you with testing at the local DHSMV office.


    A driving factor for many people when it comes to an online driving school is cost. You of course want it to remain affordable, but sometimes cheap doesn’t mean good. Cost should be one of the factors towards the bottom of your list of requirements. With enough research you can find an affordable traffic school in Florida that will still cover everything you need.


    An online driver’s school will be more effective if it’s local to your area. So in Florida, you should find an online school that is also based in Florida. This will help to ensure that the school is well versed on all the local laws and regulations of your state and county.

    Practical Experience

    Keep in mind that an online driving school will offer you a lot of information, but that’s all it will offer. You won’t be able to get real driving experience in an online environment. Some online driving schools will offer to schedule real driving time and some won’t. Determine how important this it to you. If it’s a course for a teenager, then the experience is critical. If it’s just a driver’s improvement course then you may not need the driving time.