• How to Choose a CDL Driving School

    When choosing a CDL driving school there are several things that need to be considered. Schools vary in many different ways, ranging from the cost of tuition to hands-on time you get behind the wheel of a big rig. A CDL driving school’s location is important, as well as whether or not they have a job placement system in place. Follow the steps below and you should have no trouble finding the truck driving institution that is right for you.

    Step 1: Location

    The first thing you’ll need to consider is where your potential CDL driving school is located. Those closer to your home will be the optimal choice due to the convenience and affordability of the short commute. However, those closest to you may not always be ideal for your situation. You’ll want to research all the schools in your area first, but if you’re dissatisfied with what you find you will need to search online for a list of those out of town. There are many websites available with such information.

    Step 2: Contact and Information

    Once you have a list of school locations and have an idea of which ones you’ll be able to attend you should either go online or search the yellow pages for their contact information. You’ll need to give them a call or simply email them with whatever questions you have. Request a brochure or website address for more information.  

    Step 3: Tuition

    When making contact with each school, be sure to ask about the total tuition and any additional fees that may be encountered while attending. If the price seems too steep or is completely beyond your means, you can ask if they offer any grants. In most cases there are even loans available that are either paid directly by you or by the company you go to drive for. Some companies even offer in-house CDL training so you could potentially bypass the schools.

    Step 4: Learning

    When choosing a truck driving school you have to consider the learning environment. A good truck driving school will be very thorough, making sure you get plenty of one on one time with the CDL instructors and hands-on time behind the wheel. By the time you leave you will have earned your commercial drivers license. However, there are schools that will simply rush you through the motions, teaching you the bare minimum to get you your CDL. So when you’re researching your potential schools, go over their curriculum and training duration with an instructor or recruiter on the phone or via email

    Step 5: Getting a Job

    This is a key feature for any school you choose. The reason is most trucking companies want you to have attended a school they trust. If your school does not have this sort of relationship built with companies throughout the industry, you may find it hard to get a job after getting your CDL.

    With this information you should be well on your way to earning your commercial driver’s license and beginning an exciting career in the trucking industry.