• How Old Does Someone Have to be to Attend a Car Racing School

    To attend a racing school, an attendant must meet the age requirements of the state in which the school is located. Generally racing school attendants should be between 18 to 21. In some cases, drivers who are between 16 and 17 can attend a racing school. These drivers in many cases must receive permission from their parents in order to attend the racing school.

    Requirements for Attending a Car Racing School

    A person that is interested in learning the tricks and techniques of racing car drivers must have a valid driver’s license. The license is issued by the department of motor vehicles in the state where the individual resides. Licensed drivers that are under the age of 18 would need to have the consent of a parent as well as a liability release for the school. This release protects the school’s interest in the event that the minor student is involved in an accident.

    Check with the School for Registration Requirements

    If a person is interested in attending a car racing school in their state or another state, check with the registration requirements for the school. This includes asking about the application process and any age restrictions that may be in place.  If the school permits licensed drivers that are 16 or 17 to attend, secure any permissions or consents that are needed in order for the licensed driver to attend.