• How A Car Safety Harness Can Save Your Animal’s Life

    Not all dog owners who travel with their pets might know about modern pet restraint options, but something like a car safety harness could save your dog’s life. Manufacturers are getting these products out on the market, as lawmakers in some states seek new regulations about securing animals in the interior of a vehicle.

    Dangers of Loose Dogs in a Car

    The main danger of a loose dog in a car is the same as the potential threat of an unsecured human in the vehicle. The problem is that with sudden braking situations and other emergencies, including front crashes, unsecured people and animals are thrown quickly toward the front of the vehicle. In side crashes, they’ll turn quickly to the side. Seat belts and airbags have been normal safety gear for humans for decades. A car safety harness provides the same safety for an animal.

    A dog car safety harness is engineered for reduced shock and differed impact. With proper positioning, it serves as an effective restraint for the animal. A dog safety harness often comes in an adjustable size to fit your dog comfortably, whether you own a German Shepherd, a bulldog or a lab puppy.

    A dog safety harness also helps drivers avoid driver distraction, where overzealous pets tend to physically jump toward their owner, or get attention in other ways. Dogs can jump up on the dash, obscuring the driver’s view or otherwise compromising safety.

    Next time you’re out on the road with your dog, consider a pet safety harness. It could help save lives.