• Get a Speeding Ticket? Traffic School Can Help

    If you ever get a speeding ticket, traffic school may be an option you can exercise in order to keep the infraction off of your driving record. Once your insurance company enters your personal information when calculating your next premium, any and all traffic citations will show up. Even one speeding ticket can increase insurance premiums for a long time. In many cases you can go to court and have the ticket reduced or even discharged, but it still shows up on your driving record. This is actually the worst scenario, because the ticket affects your insurance rates a lot longer than you feel the pinch from paying a ticket. DMV traffic school is one method offered in many states to essentially purge the ticket from your record, maintaining your insurance rates. 

    Traffic School Can Help

    Any traffic citation you receive goes onto your driving record. In some states, each citation or accident gains you undesirable DMV points. Get enough of these in a given time period and you can have your license suspended or even revoked. While the best way to avoid a bad driving record is to never receive a ticket, sometimes it happens. Many states give cited drivers an option to pay the fine and attend traffic school in exchange for wiping the ticket off their record. At first this may seem a bit unjust. After all, you are stuck paying for both the full price of the ticket and the class. However, when you consider that a ticket on your record can and will raise your insurance premiums, the cost vs. benefit analysis is put into more perspective. Over time, you will undoubtedly pay more in insurance costs than you will on one ticket and a 6-hour class. The choice is yours, but after some consideration it is not a hard one to make. 

    Online Traffic School

    What is even better is that some states allow cited drivers to take correctional traffic courses online. Once they complete the course, they present proof to the court, and after paying the ticket their record is cleaned. Online traffic schools are an easy and convenient way to enroll. You can do it from the comfort of your home, and some courses even let you get through the content at your own pace. That means you don’t have to sit at the computer for 6 hours. An hour at a time over a week and you can erase any evidence of a speeding ticket from your record. An insurance company will only find out about a traffic citation after it has been filed by the court and placed on your record. By arranging to pay the fine and take the course, the court will hold off on this procedural action until you can present evidence that you took the class. Of course, you’ll only have a limited time to take the course, but if saving money motivates you, you’ll do it in a flash. 

    Don’t let a single speeding ticket raise the rates on your car insurance. Have any record of the infraction wiped away by completing a quick and easy online traffic course.