• Five Benefits of Driver Safety Education

    Driver safety education is an important part of learning to drive. In fact, many states now require it and millions of schools across the nation offer it as well. When your teen is ready to hit the road, you need to be certain they have the skills, reflexes and calm nature to be able to handle anything. A driver safety course can provide all those and more in just a few short weeks.

    1. You Can Save on Car Insurance Premiums. Many car insurance companies offer discounts or benefits to teens (or policyholders) who take part in a safe driving course of some kind. Check with your insurance agent before you take the course to see if they have a preferred one to recommend to you.
    2. Your Teen Will Feel More Confident on the Road. When your teen takes part in a driving course, they will feel more confident about their abilities as a driver and understand the safety guidelines better. This means they will naturally response better in a difficult driving situation and therefore become a safer driver.
    3. Your Teen is More Likely to Remember the Rules of the Road. When your teen glances through the driver’s manual, how much of it is retained? Generally, a teen is glancing through the manual and remembering only enough to get them through the test. In a driving education course situation, your teen will be exposed to the information longer and will be required to put it into action before the testing portion. This will help them remember the information better and thus drive safer when out on the road.
    4. Some States Require Driver Safety Education. Some state require new and teen drivers to take part in a driver’s education course before a driving permit or license can be issued. Check with your local DMV about the requirements in your state and make sure you or your teen takes the required steps to getting a license.
    5. Creates a Greater Sense of Responsibility. When your teen is involved in a driving safety course they will better understand the great responsibility that goes with learning to drive and becoming a fixture on the nation’s roads.

    When the time comes for your teen to learn how to drive, you should consider the possibility of enrolling them in a driver safety education course to learn more about how to drive. This will create a better learning experience for the both of you and a better driving future for your child. Remind them that driving truly is a privilege and not a right.