• Does Retaking a Driving Test Increase Insurance

    If you have failed the driving test portion of your driver’s license exam, it’s not the end of the world, and retaking a driving test is usually as easy as rescheduling the test. Unless you fail the driving test three or more times in most states, you can simply apply it to retake it after the prescribed waiting period. If you fail the test three or more times, your state Department of Motor Vehicles may require that you wait for several months to retake the test, or in some cases may require that you take a driver’s education course before retesting.

    How Retaking a Driver’s Test Affects Insurance Rates

    If you fail a driving test once or twice, you should have no issues at all with your car insurance premiums – unless your driver’s license expires before you pass the test. If you are a teenage driver, and not yet licensed, you are probably driving under the insurance of your parents and will not be affected.

    If you’re already a licensed driver and are required to retake the driving test, your car insurance rates may be affected if your driver’s license expires. In some cases, your policy may be canceled or at the very least you can expect some type of premium increase. If you’re able to pass the test before your driver’s license expires, it should not affect your current car insurance rates.