• Do Traffic School Laws Vary By State?

    The simple answer about whether or not traffic school laws vary from state to state is “yes”.  There are variances in all aspects of traffic law from state to state and traffic school rules are no exception. In fact, while most states allow you to take traffic school in lieu of a traffic conviction, that’s not even universal across the country.

    Even Local Variances Exist

    In fact, even in the states that will allow you to wipe a traffic conviction from your record by going to traffic school, the specific traffic school rules vary. In some states there are differences on the local level. One part of the state might only allow you to do traffic school once a year, while in another area you might be eligible for twice a year.

    Application Variances

    Just the process of applying for traffic school varies from place to place – and again there are states where it is handled differently in one part than in the others. Some places allow you to apply for traffic school by mail (and it is sometimes right on the ticket). Yet there are areas where you need to appear in front of a judge and make your plea.

    Traffic School Variances

    What qualifies as an approved traffic school can vary from area to area, too. A school that will qualify in one place might not make the approval process in another. Some states will only allow you to go to the school that their court enrolls you in for it to count. In other states you can make your own arrangements.