• Do Traffic School Course Requirements Differ Based on the Violation

    If you’ve committed a traffic violation of some kind, the state and the court may require that you complete a traffic school course in order to help clear your driving record and the penalty for the infraction. In other cases when you’ve received a traffic ticket or a citation for a moving violation, you may be required to complete such a course but will not receive any benefits for doing so; the only benefit in this case is that your license will not be suspended or revoked. Still, while traffic school courses can help to lower insurance policy costs and remove records from your driving history, you should be aware whether or not your infraction requires that you take a program of this type. You should also know that certain infractions mandate different types of programs.

    Online Traffic School

    Milder infractions oftentimes require that you complete an online traffic school course. These courses are convenient to your schedule and can be completed from any location. They do not offer any practical and behind the wheel driving experience, however.

    In Person Driving School

    If you’ve committed a more serious crime and if your state doesn’t have an online traffic school system in place, you may be required to take one of several types of in-person traffic school. These programs combine classroom training with practical and behind-the-wheel driving experience as well.

    Ask your DMV for more information about traffic school options in your area. Be careful that the course you take will meet the requirements.