• Do Mock Driving Tests Increase Road Saftey

    Mock driving tests are becoming a popular way to prepare new drivers for license examinations. The driver’s test can be a stressful and sometimes scary proposition and a mock drivers test can not only make an applicant feel more re-assured about taking their test, but prepare them better to pass the exam thus driving safer and with more confidence on the road.

    A mock driving test is designed to give the license applicant practice before they take the real thing. Many first timers who take the driver’s test fail because they are nervous and make mistakes that count against them on scoring tests. A mock test will eliminate much of the worry, while giving the applicant specific problems to focus on for when they take the real test. The driver will have an instructor with them, monitoring their progress on the test, just as they would on the day of the actual exam. The instructor will be watching for the same successes and failures of the driver that will be scored on exam day, keeping a close eye on the driver’s ability to execute simple tasks behind the wheel, fix mistakes safely, and more importantly, perform under pressure.

    During the test, the instructor will talk to the driver, giving him/her commands such as where to turn and which lane to travel. They will discuss oncoming road hazards or streets, asking questions or giving information about what is out on the road ahead and offering encouragement or critiques as they see fit, based on the driver’s execution of their tasks. The driver can sometimes become overwhelmed or distracted by the instructor’s constant feedback and stimulation, so a mock test will make driver’s accustomed to this discourse during the real exam.

    After the test, the instructor will assess the driver’s strengths and weaknesses, giving the applicant a clear picture of what they need to work on before the day of the exam. There are a large list of factors that can result in a passing or failing grade on the driver’s exam and a mock test can help drivers work on these problems before taking their exam. Any number of faults; from one dangerous or threatening fault on the road, to as little as three minor faults can result in a mandatory second try on the exam.

    The mock test can be a very useful tool in helping new drivers receive their license, because they stress repetition and make a driver more cautious on the road because they feel more comfortable not only with their own abilities, but they are learned in the rules of the road. The simplest things are usually those that make a driver more careful when in traffic; observation of road signs and junctions, use of mirrors and cautious observation over the shoulder, proper use of turn signals, and of course, speed and acceleration. Mock driving tests are designed to make the driver more assured in avoiding these common mistakes, which all too often result in traffic violations and accidents. Practice often makes perfect, and a mock driving test is the most reliable way to practice before taking the real thing.