• Do Car Racing Schools Increase Driving Saftey

    The purpose of car racing schools is to provide drivers with the training and techniques used by professional car racers. By the very name car racing school, safety is not a primary focus for these types of instructional schools. It would be interesting to conduct a study to see if there is a correlation between attending a car racing school and an increase in driving safety.

    Professional Car Drivers Are Safest Drivers

    It is said that professional car drivers are some of the safest drivers on the road. Because the nature of their jobs entails risks, including possible death, many safety precautions are taken. The use of safety harnesses and seat belts are mandatory for drivers on the NASCAR and Indy car circuits. Professional race car drivers wear helmets and engage in practices to reduce the impact of accidents or serious crashes.

    Safety Measures Taken by NASCAR

    The death of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt led to increased measures taken by NASCAR to ensure the safety of its drivers. Drivers also receive an enhanced level of training that is not found with regular motorists who drive on a daily basis. Some professional car drivers feel more safe driving on a professional car racing track than they do on public roads and highways.

    Safety Techniques Taught by Car Racing Schools

    A car racing school teaches the same driving techniques that professional car racers are taught. These techniques do emphasize safety principles for handling a race car. These techniques can be used by ordinary drives in their day-to-day driving habits. Whether they are or not can be a subject of study but the techniques are taught.

    What increases a car racing school attendant’s safety is how much they apply the safety principles that they are taught in the school to their everyday driving. Every car racing school that advertises their services online discusses the safety practices of the school. It is up to the individual attendees to adopt those practices and employ them in their driving habits.

    Learning about the Safety Techniques Taught

    To learn more about the safety techniques taught by a car racing school, go to the website for the school. Or, contact the school directly and ask them about the defensive driving techniques and other safety training that they give to school participants. It would also be helpful to find out from the school if they keep in contact with students who attend their schools. This can provide good information about whether or not the school determines if their measures the effectiveness of their safety training.