• Disadvantages of a Driving Practice Test

    Many young drivers take an online driving practice test in order to help them prepare for their actual driver’s license exam. While driving practice tests can be useful in some circumstances, they have the potential of doing more harm than good when it comes to helping inexperienced drivers fully comprehend what it takes to be a safe driver. Here are some of the disadvantages to taking a driving practice test.

    Memorizing Correct Answers Doesn’t Equal Good Driving

    All State Department of Motor Vehicles issue new driver’s handbooks that are designed to help new drivers learn about proper driving methods and techniques, laws and rules of the road. They also tell you how to recognize road signs and what to do in the case of an accident or emergency. For the most part, the states do an excellent job of presenting the material in an easy to understand and comprehensive manner.

    The handbooks are designed in such a way that the student should thoroughly read the entire handbook and understand its contents before taking the driver’s exam. On the other hand, many driving practice tests only supply questions and answers to new drivers. While this will help many young drivers memorize the correct answers for the written portion of a driving test, it does nothing to help instruct the driver about why a particular answer is right or wrong. Simply knowing the answer to the question does not mean that the young driver understands why a certain driving rule or law is in effect.

    Video Games Are Not the Same as Driving a Real Car

    There are many virtual driving tests that are available on the Internet. While these online driving tests can help drivers understand different driving scenarios and situations, video games are nothing like driving a real car. Convincing a young driver that he or she is a good driver simply because they can manipulate a keyboard or mouse does little to help improve their actual driving skills.

    When young drivers become too dependent on virtual driving tests, they may neglect spending adequate time behind the wheel with an experienced and licensed driver present. Actual hands-on driving experience can never be replaced by a simulation or video game.

    Practice Tests Can’t Replace a Good Driver’s Ed Course

    Websites that offer practice driving tests also usually offer online driver’s education courses. While anything that helps a young driver understand laws, rules and regulations regarding safe driving habits is a good idea, online classes in practice tests can never take the place of a driver’s education course.

    Driver’s education teachers are not only well versed in proper and safe driving habits and techniques, they’re also available to explain to students why such methods and techniques should be followed. When it comes to safe driving, it’s not enough to simply tell someone what the rule is. It’s essential that the driver understands why following laws and rules for safe driving benefits everyone.