• Defensive Driving School Texas

    When investigating any defensive driving school in Texas, there are several key points that should come into your decision making process.

    State Requirements

    The state of Texas requires that students taking a defensive driving course for the purpose of dismissing a traffic ticket or citation receive a Certificate of Completion once the course has been successfully completed. Only certificates from courses approved by the Texas DMV are acceptable.

    In addition, some defensive driving schools in Texas help students gain access to their driver history, which must be submitted along with the Certificate of Completion. Ordering a driver history report from the Department of Public Safety can take several weeks, but ordering this report through an approved online source may be a way to accelerate the process.

    Insurance Benefit

    One of the reasons for taking a defensive driving course in Texas is to take advantage of discounts that may be offered by your auto insurance company when you present a Certificate of Completion. Before enrolling in a driver safety course for this purpose, ask your insurance company for a list of approved course providers.

    Defensive driver courses in Texas can be found from many sources, including adult education and online providers. Before enrolling in a course, make sure that it is state approved and on the list of approved providers for your insurance company.