• Commonly Asked Driving Test Questions

    When the day finally comes for you to take your driving test, make sure you have studied up so you are prepared for the commonly asked driving test questions. To get your driver’s permit or your driver’s license, not only will you have to take a driving test, but you must pass a book driving exam. More than likely you will take it on an interactive computer. If you learn your driving theory, the driving test will be much easier. Plus, it just might make you a better driver. Those who know the proper rules of the road tend to be safer when driving. Additionally, if you wish to obtain a commercial driver’s license, you will have to pass the commercial drivers’ test. For that you will have to learn another set of rules that commercial drivers must abide by. What follows is a list of common questions (and their correct answers) you might encounter while taking a driver’s test for either a permit or a license.

    Common Driver’s Test Questions

    • Q: What does a flashing yellow light at an intersection mean?

                 A: Slow down and proceed with caution

    • Q: What types of vehicles are allowed to carry a red light visible from the front?

                 A: Emergency vehicles

    • Q: When must a driver use low beam headlights after dark?

                 A: Within 150 meters of the approaching vehicle

    • Q: When is the maximum speed limit of a road allowable?

                 A: When traffic and road conditions permit it

    • Q: What should you do if you are driving on a wet road and must stop quickly?

                 A: Pump the brakes

    • Q: As a driver, how soon after you change addresses must you notify the Department of Motor Vehicles?

                 A: Within 6 days

    • Q: If you hear or see an emergency vehicle with its lights on while driving, what are you required to do?

                 A: Immediately pull over and stop

    • Q: What is the proper hand signal for slowing or stopping?

                 A: Arm held out the window straight and bent downward 90 degrees

    • Q: What is the proper hand signal for making a left turn?

                 A: Arm held straight out the window

    • Q: When does the law require lights be turned on?

                 A: From a half hour before sunset until a half hour after sunrise

    • Q: A broken line marking on a highway means:

                 A: Passing is allowed if clear

    • Q: Who has the right of way if the light turns green for a driver while a pedestrian is in the crosswalk?

                 A: The pedestrian

    • Q: When are you permitted to back up your vehicle?

                 A: When you can make the move safely

    • Q: What is the shortest distance from a stop sign that a vehicle may be parked?

                 A: 10 meters

    There are many other questions you may be faced with during a written driving test, so it is best to study the driver’s manual thoroughly. Knowing proper driving theory will not only help you on the test, but it will help you be a safer driver as well.