• Best Florida Truck Driving Schools

    There are many Florida truck driving schools available to prospective students, but not all schools are created equal. This article will focus on one of the most respected truck-driving-school providers in Florida.


    Roadmaster (www.Roadmaster.com) truck driving schools are considered among the best in the United States. They are offered across the entire United States and are a nationally accredited trade technical college. With three locations in Florida (Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville), they provide complete CDL training  Potential students are invited to take a ride alongs in a Roadmaster truck to get an idea of what they will be learning in their CDL course.

    Roadmaster offers hands-on driver training as part of their coursework. Also, students are given specific training in CDL exam materials and practice tests to perfect their knowledge of CDL exam requirements. Courses last only a few intensive weeks, but students leave fully prepared to take the CDL exam and start their new career.

    In addition to tuition assistance for students who qualify, all students who complete the Roadmaster CDL course are entitled to lifelong job placement assistance. And even better, some trucking companies will hire students before they complete the entire course with Roadmaster and may even help with tuition costs.

    While there are many truck driving schools in Florida, the best schools offers a national reputation that is supported by the trucking industry. Roadmaster CDL training provides students with the preparation and hands-on job training they need to pass the Florida CDL exam as well as lifelong job placement assistance.