• Are Drag Racing Schools Dangerous

    Driving a  professional drag racing car is inherently dangerous because of the 200MPH plus speeds attained by dragster racing cars; however, drag racing schools that teach the art and science of drag racing do an overall great job of teaching one to drive a drag racing car in a safe manner and provide as safe a driving and learning environment as is reasonably possible.

    How Drag Racing Schools Improve Safety

    Today, drag racing schools use a number of different types of safety equipment to protect student drivers while learning to drive a vehicle at speeds approaching 200MPH. The cars used by the school all have highly reinforced roll bars, strengthened frames and seat belts of the highest available caliber and materials. In addition, student drivers are required to wear protective racing suits that are padded in vulnerable areas, tear resistant and offer considerable protection from fire or heat. Of course, all drivers are required to wear high quality racing helmets as well. These safety measures are not optional. If a driver refuses to utilize the equipment, he/she is refused use of a vehicle and is often expelled from the course.

    In addition to the high tech safety equipment used by these schools, the schools also offer considerable class room instructionbefore a drivers ever gets behind the wheel of a car. These classes teach proper driving techniques and how to operate a high speed drag racing car properly and safely. Most schools require that a driver pass some sort of basic driving skills test as well before allowing access to real race vehicles. Once a driver is allowed to take the wheel of a real race car, the driver is required to make drag runs at progressively faster speeds to be accustomed to handling a race car.