• 9 Vehicles with the Highest Child Car Safety Ratings

    If you have a child, buying a car involves more consideration for child car safety, with more factors deciding the safety of your child in the car. It is advisable to buy a vehicle with the maximum rating in child car safety features. Aside from the basic car safety accessories, it is important to consider the safety of your child with respect to buckling the child seat and rear seat safety. To get more information about the safety of cars, it is essential to read reports of cars by IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) and NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the former being a non-profit organization and the latter being a government corporation, and therefore can be trusted for unbiased reports.

    4 Best Sedans

    If you are looking for sedans, you can congratulate yourself for choosing a family vehicle.The Ford Fusion, with dual front and side airbags, also comes with front and rear curtain airbags for extra safety. The All-Wheel drive gives you more confidence in driving in all terrains.Subaru is famous for innovations and the Legacy stands out from the crowd in its AWD and the all-wheel antilock brakes. The Vehicle Dynamics control and the standard airbags make it easier and convenient aside from safer.The Honda Accord has made a good market around the world with its dual front, side and rear curtain airbags. The vehicle stability control and the head restraints make it all the more safer.The Passat from Volkswagen is one impressive car with 6 standard airbags, electronic stabilization program and Anti-Slip regulation control. Safety belts for all the 5 passengers and the anti-lock braking system make it safer.

    3 Best Sports Models

    According to reports by the IIHS and NHTSA, the best sports cars are the Mustang, Camry and Lexus LS.Ford has once again proved itself in its endeavors with the Mustang. The crash test reports were excellent, as car magazines go, and it is safer and exquisite with its strong finish that gives the driver a higher chance of survival in a crash.The Toyota Camry offers an above average survival rate for drivers. This is one of those sports cars which are built like a metal monster and lasts like one too.The Lexus LS does exceptionally well in crash tests and has been rated for its stability and durability, in addition to provision of a good survival rate to its driver. Not being just sporty models, they can prove themselves as family vehicles with considerations for child safety seats.

    2 Best Vans

    Vans are generally more stable and withstand much more crash damage than cars. To pick out the best ones, the Dodge Grand Caravan and the Honda Odyssey stand out from the minivan crowd.While the Grand Caravan was given the best testing reports for frontal and rear passenger side collisions, the Honda Odyssey came a close second with its stylish looks and reliability. Both vehicles feature child car safety features as a true family vehicle.