• 6 Reasons to be Wary of the Cheapest Traffic School

    In this day of rising costs, most people would like to save on driving school fees and join the cheapest traffic school available, in order to fulfill their driving school requirements. Though a cheap driving school course may seem attractive, you should be wary of enrolling at such a school, as it may turn out to be more expensive in the long run.

    Reasons to Be Wary:


    The lowest price driving school may be an actual scam. Many such schools claim they are approved by organizations such as the National Safety Commission. However, most of them aren’t state certified. You should read the fine print carefully and also check with the Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure the school is state certified and approved by the court.

    No Effect on the Driving Record

    A traffic school that isn’t state certified won’t apply for ticket reduction or license reinstatement and, hence, the very purpose of enrolling for the course is negated.

    Poor Course Content

    A cheap traffic school may offer courses that have poor quality course content that doesn’t satisfy the requirements of the DMV and, thus, you might not learn anything useful after completing such a course.

    Lack of Sound Customer Service

    Usually, the customer service provided by such schools isn’t satisfactory, resulting in a waste of time. Your queries regarding your Certificate of Completion may be left unanswered.

    Certificate of Completion

    Another complaint is that such schools don’t issue the Certificate of Completion on time. This means that violation points aren’t deleted from your driving record as there is no proof you have completed the course, within the deadline determined by the court. Moreover, some schools promise, but don’t issue the Completion Certificate at all.

    Hidden Fees

    Even if you find a low cost driving school that is approved by the DMV, you might find there are additional fees associated with the course. Additional fees are charged by the school for assessing, processing and shipping Certificates of Completion.

    Thus, before you enroll for a course at any traffic school, you must review the fine print carefully and go online to research the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section of the website to verify that it is, indeed, a good school.