• 4 Tips to Save Money and Improve Car Safety

    Car safety is extremely important. You might be confident of your driving skills, but can you predict how the other cars on the road are being driven? Ensuring car safety is therefore necessary. However, being smart is the key here. Follow these tips to save money and improve car safety.

    Tip 1: Make Car Safety Improvements

    It is up to you to make sure your car runs smoothly and fulfills all car safety requirements. Instead of waiting for your car to show signs of trouble, give it a regular check. Not only will this make sure your car is well on track, but will also save you a lot of money as the vehicle will not require major repairing when you take it in for servicing. Periodic maintenance is the key. Check the oil, filters and fluids. Leaking or rusted hoses should be replaced immediately to avoid a breakdown. Inspect the brake system and battery connection every few months. If the battery is more than three years old, it might need replacing. Exhaust leaks can be hazardous. If there is any weird noise coming from the exhaust, check for irregularities without delay. The pressure of all tires should be checked once a month. It is important to scan the whole car every few months to detect anything that needs to be changed or repaired.

    Tip 2: Focus on Small Car Safety

    Several people love small cars for its fuel economy, easy parking and lower cost. If you are one of them, make sure your car is safe on the road. Small car safety has always been a matter of concern. Small cars are indeed less safe than bigger ones, as their bodies cannot withstand as much impact as their large counterparts. However, there is no need to worry. A smart thing to do would be to buy advanced safety features, such as side impact airbags. These are not very expensive. Moreover, you are anyways saving money buying a small car. You will not only be getting the car of your choice, but will ensure that you are worry-free, even in heavy traffic.

    Tip 3: Scan All Available Discounts

    There is nothing like buying a car on a discount. If possible, wait for the annual sale season and hunt for the best discounts available in the market. Gather all the leaflets you get at shopping malls, contact car dealers and see who is offering which small car at the best price. The Internet is another great place to hunt for car discounts. Several websites list the offers available. If you make a discount purchase, it enables you to spend that saved money on some other feature in the car.

    Tip 4: Get Roadside Assistance

    You are driving along the highway and your car suddenly dies. The nearest repair shop is 80 miles away. You have absolutely no idea what to do. At such times, roadside assistance companies come in handy. For a small premium, they will help you out with problems such as towing your car up to a certain distance, removal of flat tire and replacement of the spare one, emergency supply of fuel, and other small offers. These services come in handy when you are travelling alone. Moreover, they are usually not expensive. It is always good to have one roadside assistance plan in hand for emergency situations. The money you will have to pay a private tow truck will be far more expensive than the annual premium you pay here.