• 4 Tips to Pass a Driving Test

    The need to pass a driving test is almost instinctual for teenagers and new drivers. Finally being able to drive a car or on your own and be recognized as a licensed and qualified driver is something we all consider a milestone achievement. Passing your first driving test is not particularly difficult if you are prepared, confident and careful. Here are a few tips for passing a driving test.

    Check Everything before You Start

    When you and the examiner get into your vehicle, make sure that you adjust seatbelts and mirrors and perform basic checks before starting the vehicle. Also make sure the examiner is wearing his or her seatbelt as well. Before you put the car in reverse, always make sure to look in your mirror and then look over your shoulder.

    Listen to the Examiner

    Make sure to listen to the examiner’s directions carefully and make sure to follow those directions to the letter. If you’re unclear about the examiner’s directions, politely ask him or her to repeat them, and don’t become agitated and nervous.

    Check Your Blind Spots

    The failure to check your blind spot when changing lanes is one of the main reasons license applicants fail a driving test. Make sure that you turn on your signal light, check your mirrors and then look over your shoulder before changing lanes.

    Come to a Complete Stop

    This is one of the most part important parts of the driving test – knowing how to stop. When you approach a stop sign, signal light or other area where you must stop, make sure that you bring to the vehicle to a complete stop, and don’t merely slow down. Make sure that you stop behind the stop line in an intersection.