• 4 Reaons to Get Driving School Insurance

    Having driving school insurance is an absolute must if you own a driving school business. Not only is it there for your own safety, but you have many vehicles that are being driven by inexperienced drivers that need to be covered.

    • While you are giving lessons, you are not in control of the car, other than possibly the foot brake on the passenger side. If you are involved in an accident while a student is driving, you need to be covered. This is a very real possibility as most of the time in driving school you are dealing with inexperienced drivers.
    • Many insurance companies will offer a discount if you insure all of your vehicles with them. Chances are you won’t just have one car, but usually many for your entire driving school. It may be expensive to do them separately through your own company, but getting specific driving school insurance can help lower the cost. Remember, the more insurance you pay, the more it effects your bottom line, or net profit.
    • You may not even have an accident, but there are other reasons to have insurance. Things such as fires and theft are more common than one may expect. You need to be covered as well just in case this does happen. Cars are very expensive, and the extra cost of insurance should not be simply put to the side. You need to protect your vehicle from not only accidents, but also unforeseen things.
    • Driving school insurance can also cover all of the instructors, not just separate instructors, which will in turn save money. Any time you can combine rates and add more people and cars to policies, you will save money.