• 3 Most Reliable Car Safety Reports

    Car safety reports provide all kinds of helpful information when you are looking for a new car. Car safety reports are available from a number of sources but the most convenient and easiest way to check them is via an online report. Many websites provide their customers with online car safety reports but the comprehensive reports can be found on just a couple of sites.

    Safercar.gov – This website is run by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) which reports directly to the Department of Transportation. This government website provides the most trusted and comprehensive reports available. Their five star reports highlight any reported safety issues with a vehicle and rate them on a scale of 1 to 5. You can search their database by year, make and model so you read only the reports that are of interest to you. Safercar also has a complete record of safety recalls that can be searched which allows you to see if there have been any recalls for the vehicle you are considering. Safercar can also alert you via email or RSS when a safety recall is issued for one of the vehicles you own.

    In addition to all of the safety information mentioned above, you can also find safety ratings on tires and child restraint systems as well as general tips on safe driving. If you are having an issue with your vehicle you can also file a complaint. All in all, Safercar is probably your best resource for car safety information.

    IIHS.org – The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has a website that is a very close second to Safercar. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization whose mission is to help reduce losses, deaths and injuries on our nations highway. They are completely independent. This website allows you to search their database of vehicles by make and model. They perform their own crash tests and rate the vehicles on a number of criteria. It also provides information regarding safety laws, and a large amount of general safe driving information.

    Consumer Reports – Consumer Reports provides detailed ratings and reviews of vehicles as well as safety information. The biggest drawback of Consumer Reports is that you have to pay for the content. If you already have a subscription to the magazine then all of their online content is available to you and searchable. A one year subscription to the website is a very reasonable $26.00. If you are seriously searching for a new vehicle, the cost is more then worth it for the information you will have access to.

    Checking out car safety reports when you are looking for a new vehicle is always a good idea. It can provide you with peace of mind as well as help keep you and your family safe. While there are many online sources for this type of information, the three websites listed here are the most informed and comprehensive.