• Top 3 Most Successful Car Rental Companies

    There are many car rental companies out there, but some of them are clearly ahead of the others. They all have the same goal, but throughout the process of renting a car, a company can make it a better or worse experience. There are three national companies that make the list for the best companies. If there were a list of the three worst, then Dollar, Payless and Enterprise would make that list due to overall bad service.

    This list is is no particular order.

    1. Hertz: Hertz offers a large variety of cars and premium service. You can go onto their website Hertz.com and make a car rental reservation right from their site. If you ever need to change it or cancel it, you can do it from the exact same spot. You can choose what type of car you want right then and there and lock it in. Best part may be that when you go to pick up your type of car, if there is a high end option available, they will give it to you.
    2. Avis: Avis is most known for having the best new cars that are incredibly clean. Nothing is worse than getting your rental that either smells like smoke, or looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for weeks. 
    3. National: With National, you can pick your car right off the lot when you get there. The great part is that they won’t over bill you if you select a higher end car like a BMW, over a lower car like a Toyota.