• Required Age to Rent a Car Based on Car Rental Company

    In order to rent a car from one of the various large rental car companies, not only must you possess a valid drivers license and have a major credit card, but you must meet an age requirement as well. These differ slightly from company to company, but they all have similar conditions. When you rent a car, you have the option of purchasing different levels of insurance as well, but that may not be adequate for serious accidents or bodily injury. Thus, being properly insured is another requirement. 

    Age Requirements for Rental Car Companies

    For nearly every major company, the minimum age for renting a car is 25. This, however, is subject to some exceptions if you meet some conditions or agree on a surcharge. The following is a breakdown of the age requirements and exceptions for the major car rental companies.


    This company has a minimum age of 25, but it will rent to drivers as young as 18 with a $52 per day surcharge in some states. At age 21 that rate drops to $35 per day. For corporate drivers, the minimum age is 21.


    Enterprise will rent class A and B vehicles to drivers 23 and up. Otherwise you must be 25 to rent higher class cars, trucks and SUVs. 


    The minimum age at Hertz is also 25, but it will rent to drivers between 21 and 24 with a per day Age Differential Charge.


    The same applies to Thrifty. Drivers must be 25, but can be between 21 and 24 with a surcharge. However, government employees under 21 are allowed to rent. 


    With Dollar Rent-A-Car, 21-24 year olds are required to pay a surcharge, and the minimum age without a charge is 25.

    In general, once you reach the age of 25 you are able to rent a car without being charged an additional amount. This rule has some flexibility, though, when it comes to government and corporate employees renting for business.