• New Car Rental: Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting a New Car

    A new car rental can seem like a wonderful thing. There’s certainly a very special feeling about driving a new car and putting it through its paces a little. However, there are other times that people rent cars for more practical reasons. You might need to drive a group of people around that might not fit in your own car. The ideal solution here would be a new car or minivan rental. There are many times when a new car rental can be the answer to any number of problems. There are a number of advantages to new car rentals, but you also need to be aware of the disadvantages that go with them.


    New car rentals are associated with a number of positive factors.

    If you’re considering buying a new car, for instance, renting the model that may have caught your interest gives you a commitment-free method of trying them out. Rent one for a few days and you will be able to see how it suits your needs for size and the way it drives. If you have several vehicles to consider, it is possible to take it back and rent the next one on your list. It’s simple to do and gives you the opportunity to test each vehicle fully. In this way, a new car rental gives comparative value for money.

    When you have a group of family or friends coming into town and you have to collect them or ferry them around, your own car might not be big enough especially if there’s luggage to collect, too. Renting something larger, such as a minivan, can let you fit everyone and their suitcases into the vehicle for a single trip. It’s a lot cheaper than a cab or chauffeur service and lets you stay in control.

    If you’re planning a special romantic weekend away, renting an appropriate car such as a convertible or a luxury vehicle can add to the mood and act as the icing on the cake. You might not be able to afford a new one but for a couple of days, you can feel as if you could!


    Whenever you rent a vehicle, it’s going to be costing you money that can’t be recovered. The daily rate you are quoted is just the base cost since you’ll need to add on insurance and return the vehicle with a full tank of gas. This all comes out of your wallet.

    When you’re looking at new vehicles, you can often have an overnight test drive at no cost. If you research wisely, you can save money and not rent a car in the first place.

    You need to be especially careful with a new rental car. When you return the vehicle, it will be inspected and every scratch and ding will be noted. These could cost you significant sums of money.

    With every new vehicle, you have to become familiar with all the controls. This takes time and you can easily become confused when driving which could lead to an accident.

    Finally, it’s less convenient to take out a new car rental when you can simply unlock your own car and turn on the ignition for an equally enjoyable drive.